Matteo Prefumo


Tony Tixier


Josh Ginsburg

Acoustic Bass

Francesco Ciniglio



Alessandro Taricco

Recording Engineer at Riverside Studio

Gianpiero Ferrando

Recording Engineer at Riverside Studio

Rich Breen

Mixing Engineer at Dogmatic Sound

Ted Jensen

Mastering Engineer at Sterling Sound


Ermes Purrotti

Enrico Turinetto


This is a special project that involves some of my favorite musicians of my generation and a dream team that made it possible!

The title of the single is “A NEW BEGINNING” and has been composed and arranged mainly in spring of 2019, based on a short idea of 8 bars I wrote after I came back to Italy from New York in the Summer of 2016.
Until 2019 it has been one of those “dead ideas” that you compose in few seconds and right after you don’t know what to do and it stayed in a folder of my computer for years, knowing that it could be a strong one!

The inspiration to continue this composition came mainly from one of my heroes and great friend Antonio Sanchez and the way he develop solos and I have tried to apply his concept to this tune, always keeping a common thread from the beginning to the end and developing basically 2 ideas during the whole tune.

Generally when I write music I always compose things that I don’t know how to improvvise on because it’s the only way to improve and in this case the challenge has been to compose something where the key change almost every bar but with an easy and singable melody.

Recording this song has been possible only thanks to the great musicians I have chosen: Tony Tixier on Piano, Josh Ginsburg on Double Bass and Francesco Ciniglio on Drums.
Francesco has been the first guy who came to my mind and the most obvious choice. We met each other in 2011 and during the years we have played together mainly in a trio set.
I met Tony in New York City at a Jam Session at Django in New York City and Josh at a gig he did in Milan with the band of the amazing E.J. Strickland (who happens to be one of my favorite drummers and musicians), but this has been really the first time we have played together.
Besides being great musicians, they are also some of the most beautiful people I know!

Encouraged by my father and his love for music that involves a lot of distorted sounds like Mahavishnu Orchestra, for the first time I have tried to use the distorted sound from the beginning the end and it has been a life changing moment for me.
Until that moment that kind of sound was obvious, but by working on it and mixing different types of distortions and a clean sound, I have been able to achieve a result that satisfied me…and I’m happy that my father has been able to listen to the whole thing before he passed away.

I don’t want to tell too much about this tune, tune in on JULY 22nd, 2022! To be sure to listen to it on the release day, click on the green button below and fill out the form.
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Guitarist and composer Matteo Prefumo was born on April 8th, 1991 in Genoa. At age of three, he discovered his love for guitar thanks to his father.
He started playing guitar at the age of 8 as self – taught, watching videos of Pat Metheny, Michael Brecker and Jimi Hendrix. At age 15 he took private jazz guitar lessons with Alessio Menconi, and later on had the opportunity to study with world famous musicians, such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Antonio Sanchez, Peter Bernstein and Gil Goldstein.

In 2012 he won the international jazz competition Tiberio Nicola Award as Best Jazz Guitarist during the International Jazz Festival of La Spezia.

He started leading his own trio and quartet, and took part of the Tony Monaco Trio with drummer Dario Panza. During the summer of 2013 he played with singer Elisabetta Antonini at the International Jazz Festival of La Spezia, with Leonardo Corradi on Hammond and Dario Panza on drums. In the same time period, during the Tuscia in Jazz Festival, he performed with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Aaron Parks, Justin Faulkner.

In 2013 he won the international jazz competition Jimmy Woode Award as Best Jazz Guitar Player during the Tuscia in Jazz Festival. In July 2014 he played with great tenor saxophonist George Garzone, Paolo Recchia, Gege Munari and Peter Bernstein and toured around Italy with the Tony Monaco.

Since 2015 he started playing with the quintet of the young and talented Norwegian clarinetist Felix Peikli, with Takeshi Ohbayashi, Alexander L. J. Toth and Anthony Alan Toth.

Other world famous musicians Matteo had the opportunity of sharing the stage with are: Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jeff Berlin, Leo Genovese, Francisco Mela, Esperanza Spalding, Dado Moroni, Francesco Cafiso, Johnny O’ Neal, Peter Bernstein, Felix Peikli, Jure Pukl, George Garzone, Pablo Menares, Uri Gurvich, Aaron Burnett among others.

He has performed in some of the most important venues around the world like Jacksonville Jazz Festival, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London, Gregory’s Jazz Club in Rome, Mezzrow Jazz Club in New York City, International Jazz Festival Of La Spezia and many others.

Matteo Prefumo is familiar with many musical genres and styles, because of his love for music and his extensive experience on stage. His musical focus is in the broad field of jazz and improvised music and the creation of music with positive energy and expressiveness within the collective is always at the forefront.